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"Thank you Kirk and Chelsea. My hubby of 20 years and I watched the first video session today. We have fallen in a habit of being too busy to show each other ‘delight’ when we come home from work or appointments. Thanks for opening up to us all and thanks to God for ordaining this class right at this time!"

— Julianne

"I am a Christian counselor and am always seeking better tools to assist those coming to me for help. That being said, let me assure all of you that the tools Kirk and Chelsea are providing are absolutely critical! We utilize all of this naturally now but had to work at it in the beginning."

— Janice

"We are enjoying this so much! Over the weekend, we had two small disagreements, that normally would have blown up into a huge thing. Instead of the norm, we both remembered what we'd learned in this lesson, talked it out, saw things from the others' viewpoint and it was squashed. We literally kissed and made up, and went on with a day. This is THE best thing we've ever done as a couple. Love y’all so much! Thank you for this course!"

— Jay and Lorie

"My husband and I have really been enjoying these videos. Week one of the parenting class we found out that we were expecting our second child. But sadly we lost the baby. These classes have kept us accountable to dive into God's word and hear his message even when we haven't wanted too. I am thankful for these lessons. And the reminder cause we can forget in the day to day. That God can do all things. And he has a plan and purpose for our life."

— Allison


All of Kirk Cameron's courses are packed with the biblically-based marriage and parenting principles that have helped him and his wife Chelsea navigate Hollywood for nearly three decades. You can take $5 off right now with code RIGHTNOW!

Marriage Communication

Fighting Fair is a course all about marriage communication. It shows couples, and future couples, how to tackle one of the most important and frustrating aspects of marriage: conflict. Kirk and Chelsea walk you through things like what to say, what not to say, personality differences, and why we disagree. It's a must for any couple who needs to work on communication (hint: ALL OF US).


The Heart of Family

As seen on Kirk's Living Room Reset tour, The Heart of Family is designed to share the principles that Kirk and Chelsea have learned in over 25 years of marriage and parenting. It covers everything from conflict resolution to disciplining your children. The principles are solid, biblically-based, and faith-filled. This is about bringing the lessons God has taught them to you.


What a wonderful study! I lead a group of about a dozen women in my barn all ranging from mature Christians to non-Christians and everyone found it very beneficial. The 15 minute videos and the provided study guide/questions are perfect for self reflection or group discussion. The Camerons almost made it too easy to host a Bible Study... all I had to do was the snacks. Thank you Kirk and Chelsea!

— Lisa

I am a Christian counselor and am always seeking better tools to assist those coming to me for help. That being said, let me assure all of you that the tools Kirk and Chelsea are providing are absolutely critical! Would you love to have a spouse who tells you daily (and throughout the day) that he still cannot believe you are his wife? OR that your life is filled with peace and contentment because he (your husband) honors the Lord first and you second? It can happen! Stick with this course my friends and God has a wonderful future for your marriage! Blessings!

— Janice

As we slip further away from our "hard married year" (almost 5 years ago), I find that we slip more into a "comfort" divot and don't put into practice the things we learned about communicating and loving each other better. One thing we did learn *from a counselor* was that not everything needs to be said! That one is hard, but doable! So excited to finish this course strong!

— Matt and Erin

I signed up for this after losing the battle for a 20-year marriage and want to refocus on moving forward with new relationships and as a resource for general communication and maintaining healthy relationships all around. I look forward to maybe sharing this with a woman I am dating as well, and even as a resource and guide for my stepson and his wife as they have reached a 10 year milestone in their marriage.

— Brian


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