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What People Are Saying:

“I am a Christian counselor and am always seeking better tools to assist those coming to me for help. I am in my own second marriage as is my husband. We both struggled through long and difficult marriages in which we were not equally yoked but yet we were both committed to "making it work." That is tough when your spouse is not equally committed. In any case, God has blessed us with a second chance to do it HIS way. We are embarking on our 14th year together and have collectively 6 grandkids, most not nearby. I am thrilled to tell you that when you learn to be PARTNERS with your spouse and have God in the center, the rewards are incredible. We have yet to allow conflict into our marriage in all of these years. That being said, let me assure all of you that the tools Kirk and Chelsea are providing are absolutely critical! We utilize all of this naturally now but had to work at it in the beginning. Would you love to have a spouse who tells you daily (and throughout the day) that he still cannot believe you are his wife? OR that your life is filled with peace and contentment because he (your husband) honors the Lord first and you second? It can happen! Stick with this course my friends and God has a wonderful future for your marriage! Blessings!”

- Janice, Christian Counselor & Campfire Member

“We are enjoying this so much! Over the weekend, we had two small disagreements, that normally would have blown up into a huge thing. Instead of the norm, we both remembered what we'd learned, talked it out, saw things from the others' viewpoint and it was squashed. We literally kissed and made up, and went on with a day. This is THE best thing we've ever done as a couple. Love yall so much!”

- Jay and Lorie, Campfire Members

“This is an answer to many pleas and prayers. Apparently, God had a plan all along. I just needed to see the truth! There is hope for love and joy in our marriage. I can finally see marriage as the blessing God intended it to be. Thank you for loving the Lord and sharing His wisdom! You completely changed my perspective on our marriage!”

- Michelle, Campfire Member

“Thank you, Kirk and Chelsea! This lesson is just what I’ve been praying for. It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Time to break free and leave it all at the cross!”

- Lisa, Campfire Member

“The videos were phenomenal. So real and refreshing. Such good reminders. Our children are grown and we have three wonderful children. Two are prodigals. We needed to hear this message of keeping on loving them and showing them what a Christian looks like. Not perfect, but forgiven and forgiving in His love.”

- Linda, Campfire Member