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These aren't your average courses and this isn't your average community

TheCourage Courses are designed to be an interactive experience based on the principles that have kept Kirk and Chelsea Cameron and their six kids thriving in Hollywood for over 28 years. They are solid, biblically-based, and faith-filled. These aren't soft self-help seminars. The courses are filled with rich, practical material meant meant to teach, challenge, and encourage you.


Fighting Fair

FIGHTING FAIR is the newest course from TheCourage Courses, and it features the return of Kirk and Chelsea together as a team. The duo does a deep dive into one of the most vexing issues for couples today: conflict. You'll learn how to stop the bickering, what you should and shouldn't say, and even more bout your personalities and conflict styles.


The Heart of Family

THE HEART OF FAMILY is designed to share the principles that Kirk and Chelsea have learned in over 25 years of marriage and parenting. It covered everything from conflict resolution to disciplining your children. They are solid, biblically-based, and faith-filled. This is about bringing the lessons God has taught them to you.



ENGAGE is a five-lesson, practical course hosted by Kirk Cameron that will help you navigate parenting in a social media age. Packed with expert interviews, a hands-on study and resource guide, and biblical principles, it's the ultimate tool for thriving as a parent in today's culture and engaging your children on such a crucial topic!



Q: Can I go back and watch the videos in the courses? 

A: Absolutely! You can watch the videos as many times as you'd like. 

Q: What happens if I can't do a course right away, or don't watch the videos for a while? 

A: No worries! Your access never expires, so you can do the courses and watch the videos on YOUR schedule.

Q: Do I have to login at a certain time? 

A: Nope! You do not have to login at any specific time to view the videos. Once a video is up, you can go at your own pace.

Q: Are the lesson videos available for download or on DVD? 

A: The courses are available exclusively online. This allows you an extreme amount of flexibility. You can watch on your phone, tablet, or other wifi-connected device.

Q: How long is each video? 

A: On average, each course video is about 15 minutes, but some are longer or a little shorter.

Q: How do I cancel my Campfire membership?

A: Should you need to cancel your monthly or yearly Campfire subscription, there is a simple way to do so. Login to your account at www.thecouragecourses.com/login. Once you do, go to the profile section in the upper right hand corner (it appears as an icon of a person). There you will see a settings button. Click on that and then navigate to the section that says "credit card info" and click on "remove card and cancel all subscriptions.” If you signed up using your PayPal account, simply login to your PayPal account and under “manage preapproved payments” in the payment settings you must cancel the subscription there. Cancellation can be done anytime, but is your responsibility. 


Each course lesson contains high-quality videos and study guides packed with faith, family, and fun aimed at enriching your life. Do the course alone or with your spouse, and complete each lesson at your own pace. Each Campfire video is filmed right in Kirk's backyard and brings you up close and personal with him!


Not only do you get principle-packed lessons, but most of our courses come with access to a special Q&A with Kirk at the end of the course.  It features questions from actual course participants and is an intimate time of fun and fellowship. If you join The Campfire, you'll also get access to weekly LIVE webcasts, chats, and prayer meetings.


All Kirk's courses are an investment in one of the most important institutions in life: your family. The lessons don't got out of style, and neither do the principles. The Campfire videos feature an extra level of openness from Kirk where he talks about things that are special to him, what the Lord is teaching him, and personal reflections on current events.


The limits are lifted because all the videos will play in any modern browser anywhere. You can watch them home, at a coffee shop, or wherever you have wifi! You never lose access, and you can rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.



Watch a sneak peek of 'The Heart of Family'


Enrich your marriage. Invest in your family. Change the world.


Watch a sneak peek of 'Fighting Fair'


Watch a sneak peek of 'Engage'


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