About Us

TheCourage is a digital destination filled with inspiring, encouraging, fun, and challenging content in the areas of faith, family, and culture. It offers readers a place to engage in thoughtful dialogue and community. The daily content is a mix of original op-eds, videos, and short stories covering everything from marriage advice, to parenting tips, to history. We also put current events into Christian context through a network of lively contributors. All the content is meant to offer hope and inspire action within families and communities by shining a light on the things you support.

TheCourage courses are meant to allow you to go deeper on important topics. They're fun, faith-filled, and will help you navigate culture.

We believe it’s time for Christians to have the courage to be countercultural, while maintaining a posture of humility. If we change marriages and families, we can change culture. And if we change culture, we can help bring Heaven to earth.

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If you have any questions about the courses or need help with something, we're here for you! Send us a detailed email at [email protected]. We'll respond asap.



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